What is ZAP-X®?

ZAP-X is the most advanced stereotactic brain radiosurgery system currently available that treats benign and malignant lesions of the brain, head and neck and a wide range of functional neuro-psychic pathology with high precision, in a non-invasive and highly effective manner. Unlike other technologies, it is able to control the dynamics of irradiation at all times, managing to administer a treatment without damaging the surrounding healthy structures. Due to its characteristics, it humanises the use of technology and makes it visually accessible to all patients.

 Advantages of using ZAP-X


The use of ZAP-X is painless, requires no anaesthesia and is performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to return to their familiar surroundings the same day.

No shielded spaces

ZAP-X does not require radiation shielding as may be the case with other technologies used to treat tumours.

Always accompanied

The patient can be accompanied to the treatment as there is no risk of radiation. The aim is that the patient does not feel alone at any time.


ZAP-X is the most specialised radiosurgery therapy available today, treating benign and malignant lesions of the brain, head and neck with high precision and non-invasively. Its system reduces the possibility of movements in the target during treatment that might go unnoticed with other technologies.


ZAP-X makes radiosurgery accessible to all patients requiring high-precision radiosurgery by simplifying treatment and avoiding time-consuming surgical interventions.

ZAP-X in the world

The IRCA team is the tenth operational team in the world, fourth in Europe.
Currently under assembly: Paris, Warsaw and a second machine in Japan.


·Lindgen (Alemania)




·Phoenix (Arizona) – Barrow Institute
·Washington DC