IRCA has one of the most innovative and pioneering platforms in our country: ZAP-X.


What is IRCA

IRCA has one of the most innovative and pioneering platforms in our country: ZAP-X. This is the most innovative stereotactic brain radiosurgery system at present, treating benign and malignant lesions of the brain, head and neck with high precision and in a non-invasive way. It is currently the only system that uses gyroscopic motion to direct the radiation from a multitude of angles to precisely focus the radiation on the target tumour.


Who are we?

The Institute of Advanced Radiosurgery (IRCA) specialises in the effective treatment, with the most innovative techniques and technology, of the following pathologies, with treatments specially personalised for each patient, thinking not only of their recovery, but also of their wellbeing throughout the process. We have ZAP-X, the most advanced stereotactic brain radiosurgery system with a technological innovation with data to support medical results, safety and efficiency. Our team of doctors is made up of professionals of great international prestige, not only dedicated to medicine but also to teaching and research, using all their resources to train the neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists of the future and to continue advancing in cancer treatment and pain management techniques.


The patient, our top priority

We offer a fully personalised service and patient support from the beginning to the end of treatment.

IRCA’s medical team are internationally renowned professionals specialising in brain, spine and pain management who treat patients from all over the world. At IRCA we always seek the most accurate diagnosis thanks to the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team and the latest techniques at our disposal.

Where are we placed?

We are on Floor -1 at Hospital Viamed Virgen de la Paloma

C. de la Loma, 1 - 28003 Madrid

Tel: +34 911 091 946